Shouldn’t your name be here too?

    So, I was sitting on my rock, waiting for the school bus to arrive. Like always, I have my iPod with me, on ‘shuffle’. I also always carry a Cahier Moleskine and a Bic pen, to write thoughts, ideas, lists, whatever I may wanna to right it down at that (rare) moment (of peace and quiet).

    As I sit there, I decide to right down ideas of things I may want to talk about on this blog. One of those ideas, was to write about my appreciation for insane people. So, due to the lack of support, I scribble in this horrible, trembling, unstable calligraphy: 

  “Crazy people    { Liza M., Carrie Fisher, Sarah Brightman, Paula Abdul…”

     As I was trying to thinking of names to add to that list, I see the bus turning in the corner. I quickly stand up, pause the song, remove the earplugs and move towards the street. The bus stops and while I stand there, waiting for my son to come down the steps, the bus driver turns to me and goes:

“Do you have my phone number?”. She asks.

“Not yet”. I said.

“Oh, let me give it to you so you can call me the day he’s not to school. The little girl that comes in the bus is on vacation and he’s the only kid now. So just I don’t need to go to school in vain.”

 “Oh! That’s a great idea!” I say, as he is coming down the steps.

  So, instinctively, I hand the notebook and the pen to the aid, as both were still on my hand. “Just write anywhere”, I said, worried about the small number of cars already forming behind the bus. The driver tells her the number and she writes it down and hands it to me. Waves bye and they drive away.

  As I’m walking home, I flip the booklet with my free hand and there I see.  Of all the blank pages to choose from, the aid wrote the number right under my “crazy” list. Oh, jeez.

  And I cannot believe I missed her “wtf?!” face when she opened the page. Because I’m pretty positive she had one. 




December 12, 2008. True story.

One Comment

  1. Dara replied:

    Ha!!!! That is awesome.

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