My [very short] opinion about the Mosque “issue”.

I posted this on a message board I belong to and I’m c&p it here.

I read people talking about “respect” (or lack thereof) a lot lately and it saddens me because they are so caught up on the political/religious aspect of it all that they are missing the pic picture.

A person who suffers an act of violence (regardless of it’s severity, as people react differently), may have a reaction to generalize the characteristics of it’s aggressor.

Said reaction, however, should be treated as a trauma, exactly because it’s a traumatic feeling that should have no place in the real world. It’s a very valid feeling, yes, but it’s not a feeling that should be nurtured. It’s a feeling that should be dissected and broken down by the victim and often a competent specialist.

Applying said feeling into the real world, specially when it affects others, makes you a bigot. Regardless you’ve been a victim (if you feel that way, please look for help) or just trying to further your political/religious agenda (which makes you a bigot and an asshole).


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