What do you mean “regular coffee”?!?

I swear, every time I go to Starbucks and order a “small regular coffee”, the people working there look at me with the biggest “wtf?!” face.

It’s like I said something offensive or crude.

This one time (in band camp), there was this very nice guy who even gave me the coffee. For free. I guess he thought that asking for a “small regular coffee” was the same that asking for a ‘to go’ box or extra sauce. You know, they technically have to charge you for it, but keep brushing it off because it’s just too cheap to ask the customer to pay for.

All this got me thinking… wtf happened to “easy choices”? I mean, it’s great that we have so many choices and stuff, but aren’t we sorta shooting ourselves in the foot at having so many to choose from?

    Note: Please note that when I say “choices” I mean from a consumer standpoint. “Personal choices” are a completely different story and one that I fiercely fight to have as many ‘choices’ as possible. 🙂

It shouldn’t be hard to order something as basic as coffee, man. One should NOT have to learn a whole new lingo that belong solely to ONE chain of stores. If I’m going to learn a whole new lingo, it has to at least be usable in 3 or more places.



PS: I think DD’s coffee kicks Starbucks’ coffee’s ass. In all accounts. There. I said it.


April 25, 2009. it happened, Rant, Seriously. Leave a comment.

Why is it so hard?

It even has instructions.



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