Two videos worth watching.

I can’t embed the first one, so please, click the LINK (it is worth it):

The second one is from a brazilian boy. The proof that the instrument doesn’t make the musician. He says: “If you have a drum at home that you don’t care about. Please care.”


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Why is it so hard?

It even has instructions.



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Most overused phrase ever.

“I know how you feel”. Seriously. Unless you live in a parallel world where you live the exact same life, or at least been in a veeeery similar situation than the person suffering, no you don’t.

I know people say it for support, and have good intentions doing so, but you know…sometimes, maybe a “I can’t imagine how you must be feeling, but I’m here for you” suffices, kwim?

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For Entertainment purposes only.

Ok. So I got a bone to pick. It’s been bothering me for a while, but I keep going back and forth about posting it.

The other day, while browsing AI forums, I came across the link for the Bill O’Reilly segment about Adam Lambert. Kid must really be special to make me watch any BoR segment. Ugh.

I have no doubts that when the night falls, this guy, O’Reilly is exactly all the things he’s prejudice about. The skeletons in his closet belong to the Museum of Natural History, right beside the T-Rex.


So, on this segment, they (Bill and 2 republican Sarah Palin fangirls women) were discussing somebody else’s private life. That somebody else, was Adam Lambert.

Ok. Stop.

Note: Guess what, Bill. There was NOTHING embarrassing about those pictures! Not one thing. Zero. None. If anything, they were kinda delish (I hate when I use RR’s lingo, but I can’t help myself), in a “I’m living vicariously through you” kinda way. So fuck you.

As I was saying, those two gals were asked if they thought that the fact that Adam was “allegedly” (snerk) gay could hurt his chances of winning AI.

The women, to BoR’s surprise (I take he never heard of AI’s fraus..hehe), gushed over Adam, so the segment went nowhere.

So, what’s my problem? Here it is. The whole thing made me wonder what those women (or some other BoR viewers) would/did do if/when they had to vote on Prop 8.

See, I’ve seen many saying that they love Adam on stage, and what a great talent he is, and how sweet and well-mannered he seems to be..etc..and so on… But would/did their respect extend to his actual rights? Or it would be one more case of “I have nothing against them personally, I just don’t believe it’s right because of my beliefs” kinda thing.

How many of Adam’s fans (or any other gay artist. I don’t wanna use the guy as flag for anything) actually voted ‘yes’ on Prop 8? How many of those people think he’s the ‘bee’s knees’, but you know, until they cross their “personal beliefs”. Then, it’s all “fuck ’em fags and their shameful (or “embarrassing” right o’R?) lifestyle.” I really hope, for the sake of humanity or at least society, those so-called “fans”, can see that a good person is a good person and a bad person is…..well, one that wants to take other people’s rights away.

I don’t get it and I never will. I admit of having a “head start” because homosexuality was never taboo in my family. There were no closets to hide and everything was always treated as natural as it should be. My uncle was gay and often, at my grandma’s house, half of the people in the room (or, better yet, in the kitchen, laughing our asses off! Good times… <3) were gay too.

Some people are attracted to the opposite sex. Some to the same one. Some for both. Whatever.

One can believe in whatever they want, I don’t care what, but EQUAL RIGHTS should never, EVER be at stake. Ever.

So, please, don’t love your gay “for entertainment purposes only”. Evolution will thank you.

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Another victim

This blog. Another victim of my ADD. Sigh.

The sad part is that I do have a lot to write. I just think it all on my head and when I’m about to type, nothing. It lost the effect already.

I’m going to try to post at least once a week. I really want to.

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Shouldn’t your name be here too?

    So, I was sitting on my rock, waiting for the school bus to arrive. Like always, I have my iPod with me, on ‘shuffle’. I also always carry a Cahier Moleskine and a Bic pen, to write thoughts, ideas, lists, whatever I may wanna to right it down at that (rare) moment (of peace and quiet).

    As I sit there, I decide to right down ideas of things I may want to talk about on this blog. One of those ideas, was to write about my appreciation for insane people. So, due to the lack of support, I scribble in this horrible, trembling, unstable calligraphy: 

  “Crazy people    { Liza M., Carrie Fisher, Sarah Brightman, Paula Abdul…”

     As I was trying to thinking of names to add to that list, I see the bus turning in the corner. I quickly stand up, pause the song, remove the earplugs and move towards the street. The bus stops and while I stand there, waiting for my son to come down the steps, the bus driver turns to me and goes:

“Do you have my phone number?”. She asks.

“Not yet”. I said.

“Oh, let me give it to you so you can call me the day he’s not to school. The little girl that comes in the bus is on vacation and he’s the only kid now. So just I don’t need to go to school in vain.”

 “Oh! That’s a great idea!” I say, as he is coming down the steps.

  So, instinctively, I hand the notebook and the pen to the aid, as both were still on my hand. “Just write anywhere”, I said, worried about the small number of cars already forming behind the bus. The driver tells her the number and she writes it down and hands it to me. Waves bye and they drive away.

  As I’m walking home, I flip the booklet with my free hand and there I see.  Of all the blank pages to choose from, the aid wrote the number right under my “crazy” list. Oh, jeez.

  And I cannot believe I missed her “wtf?!” face when she opened the page. Because I’m pretty positive she had one. 



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